To provide the support that
empowers South Asian women
to become self-reliant and live in
an abuse free future.




To provide the support that empowers South Asian women to become self-reliant and live in an abuse free future.


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We need you

We need you if you are concerned, aware, caring, committed.

The numbers are growing: more and more South Asian women and children are being helped by us each year. The word is getting around that there are confidential, culturally sensitive services available, free of cost. To match this demand, we have to keep our own numbers up. We need a continuous inflow of volunteers who can contribute, according to their time, skills, inclination, experience and commitment.

ASHA Volunteer Application

Email to rajal@ashaforwomen.org



Volunteer to be a Client Advocate

As a Client Advocate you are virtually a caregiver or guardian. It is a nurturing role, seeing the client through very difficult situations and helping her become strong and self-reliant. This requires counseling skills, patience, maturity and a certain amount of courage. The selected Client Advocate undergoes thorough and intensive training and is guided at all times by the Volunteer Coordinator. The Client Advocate has the additional assistance of members of the Board who have all been Client Advocates themselves.

Volunteer professional services

Survivors of domestic violence require a vast array of support services. We are committed to seeing clients through most requirements and, as a volunteer based non-profit, often struggle to meet demands. Professionals in the following categories are always in need and we would welcome any amount of time that can be spared, pro bono or with reduced fees, and necessarily with commitment.

  • Medical
    - Physicians, Gynaecologists
    - Psychiatrists – for women and children
    - Counselors – for women and children

  • Legal
    - Immigration specialists
    - Divorce lawyers

  • Administrative
    - Secretarial and organizational work

  • Publicity and design
    - Photographers – top of the list!
    -Multi-media designers
    - Graphic artists
    - PR coordinators

Be our community ambassador

If you are a public figure, your promotion of our cause at various forums within the community will make a huge difference. Some of the women who have pledged to support ASHA are Narjis Ali, Madhavi Basnet Karki and Alif Laila.

Organise events

If you have special organizational skills, are good at motivating people, and can commit to contained bursts of activity, help us organize events like our forthcoming Bazaar, annual Gala and other smaller community events. And, when there’s opportunity, create your own events to support our work.

Become a fundraiser

You can engage in round the year fundraising, working closely with our Board members. Or independently work out your methodology, reaching different communities, corporates, individuals and philanthropic organizations, as you deem fit. Or, in a concentrated way for the Gala and other events, help us raise funds and collect contributions relevant to the event.

Organise awareness programs

People who interact intensely in small community pockets have a profound impact on mindsets about domestic violence. Can you do this? Can you, in your sphere of influence, create a ripple and start a wave? We’ll tell you how.

Recommend a friend

Getting a friend to team up as well makes volunteering that much more congenial.

Or just pitch in, fit in!

ASHA’s volunteers are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. In small ways which add up hugely. Talk to our Volunteer Coordinator to find out what you can do for this cause.