To provide the support that
empowers South Asian women
to become self-reliant and live in
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To provide the support that empowers South Asian women to become self-reliant and live in an abuse free future.


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Impact on kids

No matter how much you shield children, they get to know about violence at home. Even babies get traumatized. They can hear, they can feel, and like older children they get scared and disturbed. It is difficult to gauge how deeply kids get affected, most have a way of masking their insecurities, as any child psychologist will tell you.

Don’t let your child get hurt!

Kids are easy to manipulate, easy to harm, easy to destroy physically and mentally.

They are often used by the abuser to score points against the victim. We have seen reasonably mature kids brainwashed against the mother. In some cases, through threats and coercion from the abuser, kids have also become perpetrators of violence.

Violence can have even uglier forms. There are so many cases of sexual abuse of children in violent homes. It is heartbreaking, but true.

There are no two opinions on this: Repeated exposure to domestic violence is disastrous for children.

Common symptoms of disturbed children

  • Overly aggressive, angry for no reason
  • Poor academics, refusing to go to school
  • Bedwetting, signs of physical distress
  • Socially withdrawn, low self-esteem
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Eating disorder
  • Self-inflicted injuries

What can you do?

Spend time talking to your children, listen to their fears. Be honest and frank with them. Without frightening them explain the situation. Tell them that violence is not ok, you are sorry about it, and they are NOT to blame. Encourage closeness and trust. Try to make them feel safe.

If your child is disturbed and having a hard time at school, take the teacher into confidence.

Find a way out of the violence. Either remove yourself and your children from the environment or get the abuser to leave. You cannot allow the children to get hurt. Even if they have not been harmed physically, the mental hurt will form deep psychological scars.

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Children who witness

Disturbing facts reaffirm that children should never be exposed to domestic violence.

Source:  National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • High risk of violent behavior being transmitted by them to the next generation.
  • Boys twice as likely to abuse their partners and children when they become adults.
  • 30% to 60% of abusers also target children in the household.

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